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Partners that match your lifestyle

Real people, real videos, real interests.

Candid uses video bios along with matching hashtags to create real world matches.

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What's here in 2023

Tech for troubadours

Candid is purpose-driven dating that puts reality before fantasy. It's designed to make matches that will be more like what you're looking for in a person than traditional, visually driven attempts have been in the past. By utilizing a user's presentation style and desired interests, Candid captures the feeling of butterflies when you know someone else is being genuine. The authentic feeling of finding someone that's a match is possible online, with excitement that carries forward to your first date and beyond.

Candid is Special

Safety makes every date better

Every profile on Candid has been validated through our signup process requiring users to submit their intro video "through the app" certifying that an account has not merely added someone else's video to their profile. Candid focuses on the uniqueness of its users and seeks to pair people based on shared interests, values and goals as specified in the signup process.

User profiles are also built with social tagging systems made from user experiences and community response and include technology to secure feedback after meeting with real people.

Software beats hard dating

Video Show

Candid requires all of its users to upload video bios. This assures users that you are whom you say you are. It creates a genuine greeting and gives everyone a chance to hear who you are, see who you are, and feel who you are.

Candid AI

Using our sophisticated assessment algorithms, we understand the matches you find most appealing and are able to sort through thousands of users for you.

First dates don't have to feel like blind dates any longer.


Candid uses Values, Interests, and Goals chosen by users to move better matches to the front of your deck.

When we are surrounded by helpful tech every day, it only makes sense that dating should utilize innovation to help find the best of what's out there, especially in each of us!

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