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We're hiring

Paid internships are now open


Candid is looking for current college students and recent graduates from the following schools to be part of our growing team of campus ambassadors and marketing interns:


San Francisco State University

University of San Francisco

UC Berkeley

UC Davis

College of Marin

City College of San Francisco


Who we are:

Candid is a dating technology company based in San Francisco, CA. We are an early seed stage start-up (it means we are super small), with big ambition and goals to disrupt the existing market of dating apps. How we will do it? Well, it’s top secret for now but you can become one of us to learn what we have to offer and how you can make an impact! Check out our website to get an idea:


What we have to offer:

-Paid internship with perks and incentives for achieving milestones and goals

-Invaluable experience to be part of a growing and exciting start-up, we know you are trying to fill your resume because we’ve been there!

-Learning opportunities, put the knowledge you learned in school to practice in real world situations, see the impact of your projects. We’re a start-up, so we move FAST

-Flexible work schedule, we don’t expect you to report to an office 9-5 or for a set amount of hours

-We promise to be nice and we are a super fun team


Who you are (the serious stuff):

-We know how hard it is to find a job when you’re still building your resume. We don’t expect you to have much experience


BUT you must be:

-Self-motivated, goal-driven, results oriented (it means we want you to be eager, excited and know what you want and set realistic goals)

-Ambition: Building something from the ground up is tough, which is why we’re looking for leaders who thrive when faced with challenges

-Strong social networks and good networking skills: your success in this role will largely depend on how good you are at talking to your peers and secure partnerships with student organizations at your school

-Creativity: can you think outside the box and come up with creative ways to drive growth?


So what exactly will you do?

-You will design, present, and spearhead our student expansion strategy by getting students to sign up on our waitlist, follow our social media platforms, and download our app when it launches in Feb 2023 (within your own University)

-Contribute ideas to our digital marketing team, help with social media marketing (basically, we’re asking you to use TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, but for work and you get paid for results)

-Help with branding and overall marketing strategies, contribute ideas to our overall growth

-Work with our internal team and learn various business development, marketing, and consumer behavior strategies to grow our presence on campus

-Collaborate and network with other interns


Candid is an equal opportunity employer.

You must be authorized to work in the U.S.

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