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Candid Story

Candid was founded in early 2022 by Sharon He and Kyle Kelly. It started from a simple idea Sharon had before falling asleep—she recalled her time on dating apps and wished she could swipe on profiles with video introductions instead of still pictures. She shared the idea with Kyle, and not long after, the idea became a business. You’ve probably learned that Candid is a social dating app with video profiles and advanced AI to match people based on common interests, values, and goals — as opposed to physical attributes. That's true! However, Candid has even more to offer, especially regarding the most important user experience, and that's user safety.


Founding team,




  1. 1.

    truthful and straightforward; frank.

    "his responses were remarkably candid."






Sharon Picture.jpeg

Sharon He

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Kyle Kelly

What sets us apart?

Safety, Authenticity, Personalization & Social AI


User profiles are built with flagging systems based on user experience and community response and include technology to secure feedback after meeting with real people.

Every profile on Candid has been validated through our signup process requiring users to submit their intro video "through the app" certifying that an account has not merely added someone else's video to their profile.

Candid focuses on the uniqueness of its users and seeks to pair people based on common interests, values and goals as specified in the signup process. Additionally, Candid uses something it created called the "Delivery Measure" which analyses the presentation style of our users which helps to make more authentic matches.


March 2022

April 2022 - May 2022

August 2022 - October 2022

November 2022 - Present

Present - February 2023

Just before falling asleep, Sharon He, has a revelation. Dating apps need to focus on authentic video profiles before anything else.

Sharon and Kyle begin to pitch Candid to possible investors. Multiple panel interviews are given, and Candid lands an experienced advisor.

CTO is hired. Development begins in-house.

Candid raises seed round.

Launch Day!

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